Henner Frankenfeld - Fotografo

22/06/2011 14:24


Henner Frankenfeled startedtaking pictures at the age of six in the small town inGermany where he was born.
After studying photography in Berlin, hemoved to South Africa. Although he continues to reside in Johanneburg, Henner travels allover the country and surrounding regions. His images regularly appear in suchpublications as The New York TimesMagazine, Der Spiegel, Le Monde, NationalGeographic Germany and Focus. In addition to his photography, Henner directsdocumentaries and works as a cameramanfor television. He feels so passionate aboutworking and living in Africa, a continent that he feels possesses such a wealth of culturesand untold stories, that he often wishes hecould be in several places at one time.
For assignment information contact:Laura ReidMarcel Saba212-253-0399
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