Advice on Presenting Your Work to a Gallery

26/10/2017 10:08



In case you missed this popular article:
Insights from a New York City Gallery Owner

The co-owner of Klompching Gallery in New York City offers her advice to photographers who are interested in presenting their photography to a gallery. Plus, insights on the best way to print your work—and the #1 approach to avoid if you want your work to be taken seriously by fine art professionals.

Last Call! — Gallery Review Starts Tomorrow

Do you want your work to be considered for a gallery show in New York City? Starting tomorrow, our panel of curators and gallerists will select work for the LensCulture Winter Print show. Additionally, you will receive an in-depth, written review of your photography filled with actionable feedback and insights on its strengths and where it could be improved.

Photo Events & Calls for Entries


Photo © Alexander Gehring

Merck Prize 2017

Since 2008, the Merck Prize has been awarded to the best work from the Darmstadt Days of Photography. The theme for 2018 is “Perspectives: Photographic Strategies.”

Deadline: November 10, 2017

Photo © Guy Tillim

Guy Tillim: Museum of the Revolution

Cape Town, South Africa

Over the past four years, Tillim has been photographing the streets of African cities including Johannesburg, Durban, Maputo, and many more.

Running until November 25, 2017

MedPhoto Award

MedPhoto Festival will once again grant the MedPhoto Award, Greece’s first ever international photography prize. The prize will come with a €3000 grant.

Deadline: December 10, 2017

Photo © Courtesy of Klompching Gallery

Project Review: Gallery Focus

Be seen by gallery professionals

Get advice on your photography! Additionally, the project you submit will be considered for the first LensCulture Print Show in New York City as well as an Online Exhibition.

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